How We Gather Our Honey And The Different Flavours?

The bees gather nectar from the flowers of different plants and trees. Each plant or tree produces a different flavour. The bees only travel within 2km of their hive so depending on the flower that is most dominant at that time, will determine the flavour of the honey. We move the hives around the island to pre-set sights where particular plant or trees are flowering in abundance. Taking advantage of the natural flora of the island but keeping a 5km distance from crops that may affect our organic status. When the flower is finished in one area a different type of flower may begin elsewhere and the bees are then moved to the new flower location. The bees love temperatures above 18°C. The hotter it is the harder they work. So they work the hardest in late spring and summer. During winter the bees only have the opportunity to gather nectar when weather permits and they tend to only produce enough honey to feed themselves. So through winter we tend to leave the hives alone, we don't harvest any honey at that time as it may weaken the hive. But generally there is something flowering on Kangaroo Island all year round.


This is a Mild honey that comes from Cup Gum trees. Cup Gum flowers late autumn through winter and produces a light delicate honey which has a slight caramel after taste.

This is a Medium honey from Sugar Gum trees. Sugar Gum Flowers from late December and produces a very sweet honey. Making it a great for the table and for cooking.

This is a Medium - Strong honey which comes from coastal flowering plants that produce a unique bold flavour which can vary slightly from season to season. these tend to flower in spring

This is a Mild - Medium honey that comes from a mixture of spring flowering native trees that produce a brilliant floral flavoured honey which can vary slightly from season to season.

We also sell CREAMED HONEYwhich is crystallized honey that is whipped to crush the honey crystals, resulting in a spreadable, smooth-textured, creamy honey. It has a slight caramel after taste which great on bread. Generally our Creamed honey is mixture of flavours to produce a beautiful mild floral taste. Creamed honey is raw but not organic

PLEASE NOTE: Each Flavour is produced at different times of the year and generally only one flavour is available at a time depending on the season.